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a romantic comedy about a boy on the hunt for a tumblr gf




this dog is better looking than i will ever be

^true statement

Maybe that’s because he doesn’t care about what he looks like, he cares about what he looks at.

His name is Chuppy. His beauty actually does come from within - from the look on his face when he’s looking directly at his mum as she takes his photo to his expression when focusing on the super awesome fun/beautiful/amazing stuff surrounding him.

You can find more awesome photos of him here.


Usually I find vocabulary posts to be annoying and pretentious. Not this one. Goddamn.



Mabel Pines Dancing

Either you think Mabel is the best or you’re wrong.


I was thinking there HAD to be a version of the roof pizza scene with a laugh track and gosh golly darn the internet does not disappoint


live laugh luigi


today i drew this picture of harry i know it looks like i traced it but i didnt i drew it all myself. it took me around 20 minutes and if you are interested in buying from me contact me via my ask box thank you